ETN Y Turistar is a leading Mexican company in luxury passenger motor transport, bus rental, courier and parcel service; recognized since April 2013 by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) with the Distinctive ESR as a "Socially Responsible Company" and distinguished. This award must be renewed every year based on the evaluation of compliance with 144 indicators defined by CEMEFI itself.

In this sense, a socially responsible company is an organization that practices a new form of management and doing business, in which it ensures that its operations are sustainable in the economic, social and environmental aspects; recognizing the interests of the different groups with which it is related and looking for the sustainability of future generations. It is a business vision that integrates respect for people, ethical values, the community and the environment with the management of the company, regardless of the products or services it offers, the sector it belongs to, its size or nationality".


ETN Turistar is an AMIPCI partner, an association that promotes the responsible and productive use of the internet by organizations, companies, institutions and users.


Satisfying the needs of luxury passenger transportation, bus rental and messaging through a service that exceeds the expectations of security, comfort and innovation in the market; always under a framework of quality culture and values, to achieve the best working conditions for the staff and maximum profitability for the shareholders.


To be the most profitable and efficient luxury passenger, bus rental and courier company in the Americas, distinguished by fulfilling the highest levels of service for the customer, through fostering growth, competitiveness and leadership of its collaborators through continuous change to serve our customers with passion.


In ETN and Turistar we provide luxury passenger transport, tourism and courier services, through the collective commitment of trained personnel, focused on customer satisfaction, offering security, comfort, punctuality and careful attention, to reach levels of excellence, Through continuous improvement of quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of our services.