Types of Service

Simple Trip: Carry. bus rental service that involves only the journey from one origin to the destination hired by the client. round trip: carry and return.

Bus rental service that involves the journey from the origin to the destination contracted by the client, as well as the return to the initial starting point, on the same or different date. travel with stay: carry and transfer permanently, lodge and return.

Bus rental service that includes several trips required and contracted by the client, which requires the bus to stay, in the scheduled transfers. rent per hours: determined time. bus rental service in which the unit stays with the group for the hours they hire, specified in the contract.

Aadditional services. to provide a better service, etn turistar lujo renta de autobuses, offers additional services such as: • hostess on board, box lunch (menu of your choice), tour guide, coordinators (supporting your itinerary).